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I am Ver. I draw. my draws, let me show them to you.
Oct 20 '14

angeldesoup asked:

ahh I hope you don't mind me asking, how did you get your inktobers to be so crisp?? like the white lines are so clear >< sorry if I've bothered you ahhhhhh

this is no bother at all, no worries!

I make my BW InkTober art with a 0.1 Faber-Castell ‘Eco Pigment’ pen and a black sketch copic; the linework is fairly fine due to the thin pen, and I get the clear white lines by marking out an extra ‘border’ around the lineart before I colour in with black. photos of the process below:

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Oct 20 '14

more inktober. subu & anemone kitten (top characters) belong to jo, silver (middle character) belongs to jamie, rowan (bottom character) belongs to cara.

Oct 15 '14

ryuuko and satsuki for inktober.

Oct 13 '14

I’m doing inktober, here’s a selection of some pictures I made!

Oct 11 '14

Anonymous asked:

Wow wow wow, I just discovered your blog, and fell absolutely in love with your art!!! *.* I'm trying to improve myself but i can't put the perfect idea i have in my head on the page... It always turns disappointing.. Have you made some tutorials of your process? or will you make some? You works is really amazing!

thank you so much anon, aaa you flatter me!! the closest thing to any process tutorial I have is a video from last year of me painting a simple character picture. I could try and record a more comprehensive video or put together some process screenshots + info next time I’ll be painting something.

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Oct 10 '14


if I ever open character commissions, I could definitely consider it o:

(on this)

Oct 9 '14

nothing but trouble, this one.

Oct 1 '14

pretty confused.

(regarding this)

Sep 30 '14
my aesthetic is confused guys in dramatic lighting.

my aesthetic is confused guys in dramatic lighting.

Sep 26 '14
simple chasen pic I made a week ago.

simple chasen pic I made a week ago.